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Tutorial - How to change text font for Joomla template with NooDelphinus

To change font for our NooTheme template, please follow these steps.

- Step 1:  Define new font on the stylesheet file.

- Step 2: Change CSS to load new font.

In this article, I will use Noo Delphinus template and font "Ubuntu Mono" as an example.

Attention: Please backup your site or your template folder before do this

1. Step 1: Define new font on the style sheet file

You can follow one between these two methods to create font template:

- First: Using web fonts (eg: google font)

- Second: Add font files to the template (if you already have a font, and want to add it to your template)

Detail to each method will be provided in this article:


New template March 2014 – NooFashion Multi purposes blog & portfolio template

The spring atmosphere is all around. It’s time to dress up yourself and your site. That’s why we would love to introduce you NooFashion, a multi-purposes blog & portfolio template. The template, as usual, available in Joomla 3 with latest features built in. 

NooFashion is a cute & pretty template to showcase your works. It is designed with passionate about fashion, trend highlight and inspired by Pinterest design to show your content effectively. NooFashion makes your work shinning and friendly with mobile interface. Be social, be connective, be Fashion!


Tutorial - How to change theme color for Nootheme template

Recently, we got an interesting question from our customers. They want to change the theme color as their own wish. To be honest, it is not difficult to add a new theme color in a Nootheme template. Here, I will show you how to do it quickly with Noone, our hottest template. You can apply similarly with other Nootheme template. Go to your backend and let’s start now:


Pinterest design website – why not?

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network and becoming the third biggest social network, now. Interestingly, it is claimed to drive more sales than Facebook. The reason for this success is at least partly attributable to its page design, as the pin boards allow users to do window shopping and pick up attractive products.

A revolution design

Pinterest puts web content into sticky-note sized blocks. The designer used a traditional plugin called jquery Masonry to create a vertical layout, which lets users organize pictures into pin boards that fill the entire browser screen. The majority of each block is filled by a photo, and the ability to "like," "repin" or comment at the bottom make it look like its own mini web page. 

From a Web design perspective, Pinterest is much like Facebook’s Like button and the Twitter’s Re-tweet button. It seems over simplistic for a site which made up only for photos, displayed in tiles and laid out in a grid. However, Pinterest’s photo grid design was wildly successful in delivering contents because “an image can mean thousand words”.


New header feature update – The modern navigation bar

This February, we devoted to our customer lots of upgrade, new template and new features. Recently, Noozix and Noo Galiana have been updated with the modern navigation bar. This feature means you can now see the menu bar moving like your scroll direction. 

As shown in our demos, the menu bar now will disappear when you scroll down and gradually appear when you scroll back to the page header. Thus, it brings a revolution in UX for your website, especially on mobile and tablet. Please visit our website to download and upgrade this new feature for your site. 


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